The Baseball Same Game

The Baseball Same Game

There’s an interesting new book out that compares players we might not necessarily associate with one other. Employing Sabermetric statistical principles like runs created against average (RCAA), new author Steve Lombardi has come up with 65 pairings, including some that are sure to raise eyebrows—at least upon first appearance. Some of the comparisons in The Baseball Same Game seem logical (like Christy Mathewson and Tom Seaver, and Bobby Bonds and Jimmy Wynn), but most of the pairings challenge the imagination. For example, unusual groupings include Thurman Munson and Terry Puhl, Dave Johnson and Ralph "The Roadrunner" Garr, and Rico Carty and Roger Maris (a personal favorite). By laying out the statistical criteria, Lombardi makes more than a few interesting points throughout the book.

Lombardi’s name should be familiar to those who like to read baseball on the internet. A contributor to several web sites since 1997 and one of the hardest working men on the web, Lombardi is also the creator of the wonderful NetShrine (, which both honors players from baseball’s past while offering forums that deal with current-day issues.

For those who are interested in acquiring the book, visit the web site, Happy sales, Steve.


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    Welcome to blogging! 🙂 This is a stylistic comment rather than one regarding content.

    It is the convention in blogging to link as directly to information as possible.

    Instead of linking to the Baseball Reference players page (which then requires multiple clicks to get to the player of interest), for example, you could link to the page of information directly about him. Terry Puhl’s individual page is here:

    Similarly, it’s not very helpful to simply link Tom Seaver’s name to the Baseball Hall of Fame site. He has a specific page of his own:

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