Card Corner–George “The Boomer” Scott

Card Corner

"Second basemen’s teeth." It remains one of the best answers a ballplayer has ever given to an inquisitive reporter. And it was what George "Boomer" Scott told a writer when asked to identify the material used in making his distinctive necklace that made the hulking slugger that much more intimidating when he strolled to the plate. In reality, the unusual necklace (which was clearly in evidence on his 1975 Topps card) was made up of ivory tusks of some sort, but the reality doesn’t come close to matching the color of Scott’s sinister imagination.

Scott had other interesting accessories to his sense of baseball fashion. Unlike most fielders, he wore a helmet while playing first base. Scott began wearing the helmet in the field because of some idiotic fans on the road, who had decided to throw hardened objects his way. Given their unruly behavior toward the usually amiable Scott, Boomer might have been tempted to construct another necklace—this one consisting of fans’ teeth.

While the helmet and the necklace were always evident during the games, Scott exhibited another wardrobe preference as part of his pre-game workouts. During his second stint with the Red Sox, Scott used to wear a rubberized suit in a futile attempt to lose some of the excess weight that always seemed to accumulate toward his midsection. (The tight-fitting polyester uniforms that came into use in the 1970s didn’t accentuate Boomer’s figure either.) As Don Zimmer pointed out in his first book with Bill Madden, Scott might have sweated off a few pounds during each early evening workout, but he seemed to have gained it all back by the time the first pitch rolled around.


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