The Loss of John Marzano

I never had the chance to meet John Marzano, but the lack of a face-to-face encounter shouldn’t always matter when it comes to assessing someone’s character. When everyone who worked with a person talks about how amicable and good-hearted he was, then you feel pretty comfortable trusting their judgment. Well, John Marzano was that kind of guy. 

By now, you’ve probably heard that Marzano, a former major league catcher and a talk show host with, passed away over the weekend at the young age of 45. He died while falling on the stairs of his home, possibly after suffering a heart attack. Given how energetic, gregarious, and passionate Marzano was, the news of his death comes as a particularly horrible shock–to those he worked with and to the many fans who listened to him on Baseball Channel TV. Marzano not only appeared to be in good health, but he had that kind of vibrant personality that can make someone look indestructible. That’s why his passing is twice as jolting to those who knew him and listened to him.

I’ve often heard people use the phrase, “Only the good die young.” I used to scoff at that notion, but when you hear about tragedies like the one involving Marzano, it makes you wonder. How do you explain the death of someone so young and so strong of character? It just doesn’t make sense.

When someone like Marzano leaves us all too soon, all that we can do, I guess, is to take solace in knowing that we had at least some time to appreciate him, whether it was as a listener of his talk show, or more importantly, as his friend or loved one.

We can also remind ourselves to live each day to its full potential, since we simply don’t know which day will be our last.


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